Fascinating partnership with DSI


Sinube recently entered into a strategic partnership with DSIGlobal who provide an end to end supply chain platform. All of the apps are Oracle Certified for Oracle Cloud ERP.

DSI® is the platform company that creates mobile-first and cloud supply chain solutions for the digital economy. DSI provides companies with the tools to evolve their supply chains, allowing them to run their businesses more efficiently, drive sustainable growth and make customers for life.

Businesses that leverage supply chain data have a competitive edge in the digital economy. Outperform your competition with real-time inventory visibility­–anywhere­–with DSI’s mobile-first apps and cloud-based solutions. Deploy on-premise or in the cloud to capture, share, analyze and act on inventory from any mobile device. DSI can help you extend your business capabilities with flexible solutions that meet your unique challenges.


Leverage DSI’s PaaS and hundreds of standard, mobile-first supply chain apps to boost productivity where works happens on a platform that scales with your business. Easily install, configure and implement leveraging certified integrations to your ERP.

DSI’s Digital Supply Chain Platform™ allows you to deliver the information needed to keep your customers happy and drive profit with end-to-end supply chain visibility. DSI’s mobile-first application development platform is designed for rapid development and deployment, so you can put technology to work for your company.

DSI’s add-on products allow customers to extend their capabilities with hardware, DSI’s Enterprise Printing Platform™(EPP) and insights to create an integrated supply chain process across the entire organization.

Key Capabilities:

  • Field Inventory
  • Customer Engagement
  • Data Collection
  • Route Sales & DSD
  • Service Work Order
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Inspections & Maintenance
  • Proof of Delivery

DSI’s Cloud Inventory™ Services provide a single point to manage inventory, streamline supply chain operations and gain global visibility. Cloud Inventory provides a layer of control and visibility across all of your channels connecting you and your business partners with real-time information at all points. The logic builder enables you to configure multiple applications to fit your business processes and the needs of your users. Your customers can see inventory from suppliers, to manufacturing, through sales and on to delivery.

Key Capabilities:

  • Last-Mile Logistics
  • Warehouse Management
  • In-Store Logistics
  • Consignment Inventory


DSI’s native-built, mobile-first apps extend your Oracle ERP instance with seamless workflow processes to create a single system of record for inventory.

Do you want more information? –  We would really like to have a chat with you to explain more and see where this may add some real measurable value to your business.

DSI applications may add value to your organization, specifically around tracking of assets across your business, so their application allows you to scan assets when they are transferred between locations, create new assets, look up assets, count assets,  and retire assets then pass or pull this information to and from your Oracle Cloud Application . All of their apps also work on an offline scenario, so very useful if you have assets in remote area’s where mobile signals are weak.


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