Sinube can help you implementing the Oracle ERP Cloud. Our team of experienced, highly trained and certified consultants has a unique mix of business, functional and technical knowledge of the financial processes with a proven track record in Oracle ERP. We have already successfully implemented the Oracle ERP Cloud multiple times for customers in different industries (government, professional services, telco,…).

Benefits of our Oracle Cloud solution are :

  • Modern and intuitive user interface
  • Powerful reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • Rich out-of-the-box functionality
  • Broad coverage for Finance, Procurement, Projects, SCM,…


  • Rapid implementation possible (get live in weeks instead of months)
  • Highly secured and scalable
  • Always up-to-date


  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Shift from a CAPEX to an OPEX model


In the age of digital transformation, customers choose Oracle ™ Financials Cloud to empower and modernize their finance department. We believe this is the most comprehensive, integrated and scalable financial management solution available that offers extensive support for global companies in a wide variety of industries. The application provides out of the box support for multi ledger, multi chart of accounts, multi-currency, multi org,  interco,…

Besides delivering rich standard functionality and support for your financial business processes the Oracle Cloud solution is innovative, easy to use, mobile and enables social collaboration.

Other benefits of our cloud application are a lower Total Cost of Ownership, moving from a CAPEX to an OPEX model and rapid implementation (weeks instead of months).

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Access the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large and Global Enterprises and see why Oracle ERP Cloud is positioned as a leader.



You want to optimize your entire procurement process? Oracle ™ Procurement Cloud not only offers support for your procurement execution but also for your strategic procurement allowing you to streamline your entire source-to-pay process through automation and social collaboration both with your internal and external business partners. You can adopt our solution as part of an Oracle cloud suite or deploy with existing solutions.

The Oracle ™ Procurement Cloud delivers an innovative and easy to use application for all of your stakeholders in your procurement network.

Other important benefits are a lower Total Cost of Ownership, moving from a CAPEX to an OPEX model and rapid implementation (weeks instead of months).


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If you want to power your project delivery, then Oracle Project Management Cloud is the right fit for you and your company. Project Management Cloud provides modern project execution tools and methods that you can adopt as part of an Oracle cloud suite or deploy with existing solutions.

If you are looking into improving your Project Profitability, it is now possible with Oracle Project Financial Management Cloud. It is a modern enterprise-grade solution for project-centric businesses, that lets you stay informed and stay in control, with complete and integrated project financial management.

Other benefits of our cloud application are a lower Total Cost of Ownership, moving from a CAPEX to an OPEX model and rapid implementation (weeks instead of months).

Project Financial Management

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Enterprise Performance Management - EPM

Enterprise Performance Management - EPM


Oracle Enterprise Performance Management solutions help to drive accurate and agile plans across Finance and lines of business, accelerate the financial close,  streamline narrative and regulatory reporting, and much more. Leveraging the Cloud technology for EPM processes allows to digitally transform the organization and generate value for the business. The Enterprise Performance solutions include:

  • Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Financial Close and Consolidation
  • Narrative and regulatory Reporting

Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud enables organizations of all sizes to quickly adopt world-class planning and budgeting applications with no CAPEX infrastructure investments, driving market-leading functionality beyond finance across the enterprise, with flexible deployment options and virtually no learning curve. This best practice planning tool includes predefined frameworks for financial, workforce, project and capital planning. With built-in predictive analysis, extensive what-if scenarios and high scalability, this solution will help you drive performance and reporting confidently.

Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close provides an integrated, secure and auditable solution for the extended financial close and reporting process. It enables organizations to report to stakeholders in a timely and accurate manner and provides a level of governance, visibility and transparency into the financial close and reporting cycle. The solution is based on best practice consolidation out-of-the-box with simple configuration selection and no complex scripting including processes like intercompany balance eliminations and complex ownership calculations. The solution makes it easy for the finance department to meet global financial regulation requirements like IFRS and GAAP.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud is a purpose-built solution in the Cloud for management and narrative reporting. It provides a secure, collaborative, process-driven approach for defining, authoring, reviewing and publishing financial and management reports for internal and external stakeholders.

Our clients opted for the Oracle Cloud applications because its innovative, easy to use, mobile and it enables social collaboration. They also benefited from a lower Total Cost of Ownership, moved from a CAPEX to an OPEX model and were able to rapidly implement (weeks instead of months) the application.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management is positioned as a Leader in 2 Gartner Magic Quadrants: Strategic and Financial Corporate Performance Management.

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Sinube streams

Sinube Streams

Customers need to be able to do mass updates of project and task related information in a fast and user-friendly manner. Sinube has developed Streams to fill this gap and we deliver our customers a cloud platform, which allows to do mass updates to project and task data in the Oracle TM Cloud based on an MS Excel sheet.

Several out-of-the-box integration-solutions are made available under the name Streams.

These integrations are developed and constantly kept up-to-date for Cloud users who want to transfer information to and from their SaaS systems.

The PaaS based solutions are made available on a public cloud subscription base.


The main functionality is to create and update information in bulk through one standard Excel spreadsheet.

Our Stream solution fills a gap in standard Oracle ERP Cloud functionality by allowing the creation and update of specific entities in different functional areas based on own templates.

Currently standard Oracle ERP Cloud functionality only allows this through a set of csv files that can defined by an implementation user.

This Stream solution makes abstraction of available API’s and web services that are provided in the back-end of Oracle ERP Cloud, including version- and release management.

To update projects only web services are available but this functionality is not intended for end users. Therefore, we developed a spreadsheet that can both create and update project contracts.

This Stream is currently available for Oracle Project Portfolio Management Projects- , Contracts-, Billing Event uploads and Belgian Banking solution for payment information exchange.


Key Features :

  • Perform bulk updates using easy to use Excel templates.
  • The Excel file is picked up from a user defined location.
  • Information is extracted, transformed and loaded as per technical requirements.
  • Information is created or updated accordingly in Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Streams reports the successful and failed records, including a meaningful message for the failed records

Sinube SmartApps

Sinube has developed some SmartApps that bring added value to our customers. Our SmartApps can be easily deployed and integrated in a secure and supported manner with the Oracle ERP Cloud.

Timecard Solution :

Timecard Cloud Service is a time-entry solution that provides direct integration with Oracle Cloud Project Portfolio Management.

Our solution automates the entry- and load-process and is fully integrated with Oracle Cloud Project Billing where the invoicing process is standard functionality.

Timecard Cloud Service provides unique functionality that is mainly focused on user-friendliness, user-productivity and can save you a lot of effort while registering your activities.

Key Features :

  • Insight

    The overview page gives you the possibility to scroll through your timecards, navigate faster and get an idea of what activities still need to be entered.

  • Productivity

    Entry for uncompleted time in an easy and user-friendly way.

  • Functionality

    Booking on multiple projects and tasks per day. Easy searching for projects and automated corresponding task lookup. Attach comments per time entry.

  • Copy timecards

    Copy (previous) timecards with or without entered time.

  • Delegates

    Assign delegates to enter time on your behalf within a certain timeframe, for example during your offline work or travel.

  • Templates

    It is also possible to save your timecard as a template. This allows you to easily and quickly create new timecards in the future.

  • Integration

    Take advantage of out-of-the-box integration with ERP Cloud. No IT involved.

  • Cloud platform

    Our solution is built on the Oracle TM Cloud Platform as a Service. This offers you a highly secure and integrated platform.

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