Are you aware of the benefits of a centralized forecasting tool?

The Belgian economy is recovering and growing, as you may often read in the written press. Companies are hiring to realize their ambitions and investing in new technology and infrastructure to make the working hours in the office more pleasant for existing employees.

Long-term financial planning is also a part of this growth. Modern companies are seeking the right tools that allow them to support this further growth and make informed choices.

Creating a financial forecast in Excel was the norm for a long time, but it no longer belongs in a modern finance environment.

The use of Oracle Planning & Budgeting, combined with a solid implementation by SiNube, enables you to accurately predict the financial situation of your company in various well-founded ways.

From recent customer conversations, I conclude that the exponential growth of our clients significantly stimulates the demand for better forecasting tools. Growth often impacts the flexibility of costs within an organization, prompting the use of high-end tools to provide a powerful response.

Oracle Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud offers various configurable options depending on the needs. Simplicity, flexibility, clarity, adaptability and a single source of truth are the pillars in which our implemented software excels.

Customers indicate that any change from the traditional Excel sheet is often an improvement. Typically, these files become cumbersome, large in size and there are too many versions of the same document in circulation, making it even difficult for a seasoned employee to consolidate. Budgeting costs has thus become a very labor-intensive process. By using a central planning tool, you give your employees more time to perform “value-added” tasks.

Here’s a list of benefits Oracle Cloud Enterprise Planning & Budgeting provides to you:

  • You have control over the variables, allowing you to create hundreds of different scenarios immediately.
  • You can create forecasts both manually and automated. This makes calculations clearer and faster and of course, in real-time.
  • All values are updated immediately and visible to all employees.
  • Corrupt files are a thing of the past.
  • No manual intervention if desired, hence, less chance of human errors.
  • You have the ability to create beautiful visual reports; you know that graphs are often easier to digest than numbers.
  • You are free to define rights and roles. This also makes it easy to create view-only users.
  • You have much more time left for other things.

Functionally, you need to make choices between defining details and associated accuracy versus speed of work and associated efficiency. We are here to help you further with this.

Together with you, SiNube ensures the design of your planning model. The time investment we make together will easily be recovered through the smoothness of planning in the future.

Are you also curious about easy, modern and efficient Cloud Software to simplify financial planning? Get in touch with us by clicking here.

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