Do you want a quick Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Scan Assessment?

Sinube strives to link new technologies and possibilities to her standard solutions.

It is very important to automate certain tasks wherever possible. That is why we have been working on RPA for quite some time.

Read the following blog post from Robin Muliawan, Functional consultant at Sinube, and feel free to ask your appointment to see where we can improve or robotize your processes.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the automation of human tasks. RPA uses virtual bots that can mimic human tasks and work cross application. However, RPA is more than only automating standardized tasks, there is also a cognitive aspect where you can build in logic and apply artificial intelligence.

Why RPA?

A recent article in the newspaper “De Tijd” highlighted the trend of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). They mention that white-collar robots will take care of mundane office work. The consultancy firm PwC estimated that 45% of the tasks could be automated. Another study of McKinsey estimated that the first focus should be to automate the collection and processing of data. Nearly every enterprise now strives to increase their level of automation and RPA plays a vital key role.

The benefits?

When your new virtual bot or employee has been created, it has certain benefits for your organization. It spends it times on tasks, finishes its tasks without distraction and it has a 24/7 availability.  Furthermore, your accuracy and data quality will increase. The virtual bot uses logic to extract and process your data to minimize or eliminate errors. Furthermore, you will gain more insights into your processes, as you can gather statistics, pinpoint bottlenecks in your processes and create automated log files. This will benefit auditing and reporting for security and compliance purposes.

This emphasizes the sense of urgency to start automating. The sooner you start, the faster you will reap the benefits. You will save time and thus also money. A bot also works with a higher speed and throughput than a human can do it.

What are possibilities of the saved-up time?

You can use your bot or digital workforce to alleviate the pains of your high-skilled workers, so they can refocus their energy on innovation, spend time for creative tasks and create benefit for your enterprise.

How to gain these benefits and how to gain this as fast as possible? Is your organization ready for RPA?

Is your enterprise ready for RPA or can we work as a partner to help in this step? As a partner, we can work together with you to identify the key processes that are suitable with your process owners. After identification, we can make an estimate and build a business case. After this, we can start automating your processes. As RPA is easy to learn, you can do this on your own initiative, or we can support you. It is important to stress that having knowledge of your processes is very important.  After this, we can outline an RPA roadmap and we can see how can integrate RPA within your organization to make you future-proof.

Which processes are the most suitable?

The quick wins are processes which are standardized and have a high volume. After this, more complex tasks can be automated.




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