Jim Van Tongerloo

Team Lead Oracle ERP Cloud at SiNube

During my student years, I attended a job fair for Commercial Engineers. This is where I discovered that I really wanted a job combining Finance/Logistics and ICT. IT had already fascinated me for years. I am a Commercial Engineer by education and in looking back, I do regret a little bit that I did not chose Commercial Engineering in Business Informatics.

However, everything fell into place, today I am Team Lead Oracle ERP Cloud at SiNube. I’ll take you through my story!

After my studies (and because of that job fair), I started at a large consulting company where I immediately received a training program: I was being prepared as an ERP Implementation Consultant. However, after a while, no big projects were signed and I was too often “on the bench” for someone at the beginning of his career.

Thanks to Brent from Accter (sister company of SiNube and also belonging to the RMC cluster), I was invited for a job interview at RMC. After the second interview, I was convinced: I knew the location, I knew Brent through our mutual circle of friends, and I liked the company atmosphere. I also enjoyed the fact that we were able to develop the new Cloud branch within RMC.

So in October 2015 I started at RMC. They focused on the On-Premise Oracle E-Business Suite ERP application for large customers, while starting with a new Oracle ERP Cloud branch on the side. After a few years of dedicated working on the Cloud business, and enough ERP Cloud Implementation Consultants, the sister-brach ‘SiNube’ was born: a fun wordplay of “Yes Cloud”! “Si” is “yes” in Spanish and “Nube” means cloud. Our only focus is Oracle ERP Cloud.

What we do is the implementation of Oracle ERP Cloud ‘Fusion’ at the large Mid-Market/Enterprise level companies. The focus is on the public sector and financial service companies. But we would like to address an even larger market in the future.

This is why it is always a big plus for new colleagues to have a financial background or experience in the business. People who have studied accountancy or have worked for years in the accounting department of a company are very interesting profiles for our company.

This way we have already attracted new colleagues in the past: they worked in an accounting department, were involved in an implementation by the ICT department and they noticed that their interest was more in the implementation of the system than the mere accounting in their company.

But people with degrees in IT or Supplier Chain are also eligible if we want to grow as a company!

“Here at SiNube, we get the freedom to do our work, and most importantly, our input is recognized and valued. We are a real person here and we get to choose our own path to become experts.”

– Jim Van Tongerloo, Team Lead Oracle ERP Cloud

What I keep telling future colleagues? “You have to be proactive. We don’t hold your hand permanently. You have to see work and go for it. Or if you have time, you may work something out yourself and become an expert. In other words, you can really develop yourself here, which is nice.”

What my day looks like? It really depends on what stage we’ve reached with the client. We are either in the design phase: what needs to be done? Workshops with the customer about how their systems work now and how they should work in the future. Then we do the configuration, we test, we get it validated by the customer. We do data migration and configuration and then finally we go live. The lead time of the whole project varies from 6 months to about 2 years, depending on the size.

Recently, my role did change. I am no longer only an ERP consultant, but I am also the Functional Teamlead Oracle ERP Cloud within SiNube. I now also deal more with managing the team, following up on projects, the commercial side of offers and quotations, and so much more!

I find my job very varied. Not a single day is the same. Knowing that I do this with a great team really delights me.


  • Being able to work proactively
  • Willing to work
  • Problem solving thinking
  • Background knowledge of ERP and Cloud
  • Affinity with ICT
  • Financial and/or logistical knowledge
  • Analytical
  • Working independently
  • Team player



A hard worker



Making an impact among different parties


A fun atmosphere

Several diverse projects

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