SiNube on innovation: The rise of advanced and personalised Digital Assistants

An interview with Robin Muliawan, ERP consultant at SiNube.

The cloud-based Oracle Fusion Applications platform functions as a centralized and convenient platform for operational ERP tasks, but did you know that the platform comes with a Digital Assistant? This smart tool is now integrated into the platform and therefore adds to an even better Oracle Fusion Applications user experience. 

On the way to a business meeting or not enough time to perform tasks on the Oracle Fusion platform? Let the Oracle Digital Assistant chatbot guide you and provide information according to your needs. Oracle Fusion provides a self-learning chatbot built on Artificial intelligence that your company can interact with through voice command or chat function. By letting the chatbot know your needs, the chatbot will provide you with the right answers. All made possible with the help of NLP integrations (natural language processing). The Oracle Fusion ERP system therefore becomes even more convenient. 

Digital Assistants that process advanced finance and procurement related tasks 

SiNube furtherly developed the ERP chatbot with advanced functions. Consequently, you simply ask ERP related questions to the Digital Assistant instead of looking the information up yourself. Robin Muliawan, ERP consultant at SiNube, contributed to the improvement of the chatbot in a way that the tool can now interact with various ERP modules. Robin Muliawan explains the following: 

“The chatbot ERP commands are very equilibrated, SiNube provided perfectly functioning Chatbot modifications that cover modules including: HCM, timecards, finance, procurement and projects. I made sure that when using the Digital Assistant, you could obtain information from multiple different modules at once. For example, asking the Digital Assistant about planning and budgeting or financial and procurement tasks. You can streamline tasks like logging expenses, registration of invoice approvals, making business cards, … From now on this can all be completed in no-time.” 

But it goes further than that! There is no specific knowledge required, since the assistant is made for ease-of-use. Robin adds: You can easily ask the assistant about very specific tasks such as ‘log 10 for the cab I just took in Paris on the second of May’ without even touching your phone. Technology has developed in a way that the chatbot continuously improves, the more you write or speak to it.  ERP systems are already made to accelerate assignments and the Digital Assistant adds to the future of these platforms.”

Plug-and-play as part of the chatbot implementation 

The features of the Oracle Digital Assistant are highly advanced. Some of many perks include: 

       A multi-linguistic interface (written and spoken) 

       Integrable in multiple channels  

       Fast implementation time 

       Ease of use, no skills required 

       Optical Character Recognition (reads information on pictures for automated data uploading) 

       Very accessible for all companies with ERP interface 

In terms of technology and innovation, SiNube has always kept up. Robin adds: “I believe that using Digital Assistants will become a standard very soon because it improves actions and productivity within the business!  The Microsoft Teams integration, for example, facilitates your tasks because you can ask the Digital Assistant to perform specific tasks without leaving the Teams environment. Not only in Microsoft Teams, the chatbot can be implemented in other channels of choice. Digital Assistants are all about plug-and-play because the possibilities of adjusting the chatbot and its features are endless. It is truly fascinating.” 

Oracle has proven to be on the innovation train with the NLP- based Digital Assistant that improves through machine learning when speaking or writing to it. The chatbot therefore improves on a client-focused base. SiNube added to this trend by creating personal modifications based on their clients’ needs.  Chatbots are not in its earliest stages anymore, they are changing the way people use today’s ERP systems. 

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