Sinube has developed some SmartApps that bring added value to our customers. Our SmartApps can be easily deployed and integrate in a secure and supported manner with the Oracle ERP Cloud.

Some more information about our SmartApps.

Timecard Solution :

Timecard Cloud Service is a time-entry solution that provides direct integration with ORACLE Cloud Project Portfolio Management.

Our solution automates the entry- and load-process and is fully integrated with ORACLE Cloud Project Billing where the invoicing process is standard functionality.

Timecard Cloud Service provides unique functionality that is mainly focused on user-friendliness, user-productivity and can save you a lot of effort while registering your activities.

Key Features :

  • Insight

    The overview page gives you the possibility to scroll through your timecards, navigate faster and get an idea of what activities still need to be entered.

  • Productivity

    Entry for uncompleted time in an easy and user-friendly way.

  • Functionality

    Booking on multiple projects and tasks per day. Easy searching for projects and automated corresponding task lookup. Attach comments per time entry.

  • Copy timecards

    Copy (previous) timecards with your choice to do this with hours included or excluded.

  • Delegates

    Assign delegates to enter time on your behalf within a certain timeframe, for example during your offline work or travel.

  • Templates

    It is also possible to save your timecard as a template. This allows you to easily and quickly create new timecards in the future.

  • Integration

    Take advantage of out-of-the-box integration with ERP Cloud. No IT involved.

  • Cloud platform

    Our solution is built on ORACLE’s Cloud Platform as a Service. This offers you a highly secure and integrated platform.