Customers have a need for being able to do mass updates of project and task related information in a fast and user-friendly manner. Sinube has developed Streams to fill this gap and delivers our customers a cloud platform which allows to do mass updates to project and task data in the Oracle Cloud based on an MS Excel sheet.

Several out-of-the-box integration-solutions are made available under the name Streams.

These integrations are developed and constantly kept up-to-date for Cloud users who want to transfer information to and from their SaaS systems.

The PaaS based solutions are made available on a public cloud subscription base.


The main functionality is to create and update information in bulk through one standard Excel spreadsheet.

This Stream solution fills a gap in standard ORACLE Fusion functionality by allowing the creation and update of specific entities in different functional area’s based on own templates.

Currently standard Fusion functionality only allows this through a set of csv files that can defined by an implementation user.

This Stream solution makes abstraction of available API’s and webservices that are provided in the back-end of ORACLE Fusion, including version- and release management.

To update projects only webservices are available but this functionality is not intended for end users. Therefore we developed a spreadsheet that can both create and update project contracts.

This Stream is currently available for ORACLE Project Portfolio Management Projects- , Contracts- and Billing Event uploads.


Key Features :

  • Offers spreadsheet template for completion and processing.
  • The Excel file is picked up from a user defined location.
  • Information is Extracted, Transformed and Loaded as per technical requirements.
  • Information is created or updated accordingly in ORACLE Fusion
  • Streams reports the succesfull and failed records, including a meaningfull message for the failes records.