The ultimate service for an ever-improving ERP system

We provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure the smooth operation and continuous enhancement of your Oracle ERP environment.

Support desk

Our support desk is dedicated to helping you make the most of your ERP system. Whether you encounter difficulties or need to make changes, our team is available to address all your queries promptly and effectively.

We prioritize your requests and guarantee a solution or workaround within a specific timeframe, as outlined in our service contract.

We offer support for Oracle ERP cloud software and provide guidance for Oracle ERP systems that we haven’t implemented ourselves. For on-premise ERP, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, customers can count on our parent company, RMC. SiNube specializes in software for finance, procurement and project management, working mainly with service organizations in the Benelux region.

Our support desk is organized professionally and operates according to established and proven best practices, using ServiceNow software for efficient request management and follow-up.

Test calendar

Oracle releases four new versions of the software a year, each time with interesting additional features and capabilities. We are able to test these versions two weeks in advance, and strongly recommend that almost all our customers take advantage of this opportunity.

This so-called regression testing allow us to verify whether key processes still function properly and identify any issues that may occasionally arise – and then we still have up to two weeks to address them before the new version goes live.

We have a set of pre-defined scenarios for customers who regularly perform these tests with us – to ensure we can focus on critical processes and test important customizations while also speeding up the testing process itself.

Maintenance planning

We maintain a calendar for each customer, providing regular updates on release dates and any temporary unavailability of the software. We always create the calendar in consultation with you to minimize any disruption during downtime.

We also communicate the implications of scheduled updates, highlighting the positive additions and any changes that may affect your workflow. These implications are always positive as no features are ever removed – only new capabilities are added.

Additionally, we schedule regular data refreshes in our calendar when performing a production-to-test migration. This ensures that we carry out tests using the most up-to-date data sets possible, guaranteeing that no unexpected errors emerge later on. Furthermore, we always make sure that we adapt certain parameters in a production-to-test migration, for example to prevent any payments from being made from the test environment.

News agenda

Oracle introduces new features with each quarterly release. We compile personalized PDFs for each customer, highlighting potentially interesting issues. We prefer to make this selection for our customers ourselves because there are often numerous launches which may not always be relevant for everyone.

We focus our communications on the new features that Oracle activates automatically, ensuring that all our customers are kept up to date at all times – but this is not necessarily relevant for everyone every quarter. The same applies to improvements to existing functions and bug fixes.

For all other new features, we encourage customers to let us know what they want to use and submit change requests to our support desk, which we promptly get to work on implementing before providing an updated manual upon completion.


All these services ensure that your Oracle ERP remains in optimal condition, allowing you to maximize leverage of all the new capabilities and make your work even more efficient.

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